LEADEUS EducatesOur Team


Leadeus is founded by a group of highly aspiring and energetic people having a clear vision to enhance the way through which meritorious students can achieve what they deserve in their career.
It includes a group of IITians, Doctors and highly educated faculties backed up with tons of experience and expertise in the respective subjects, backed up by marvelous track record of producing some of the best ranks in NEET and IIT-JEE xaminations.

Er. Saurabh Singh (CHEMISTRY)


Saurabh Sir is renowned chemistry mentor of Varanasi. He is a B.Tech graduate from IIT-BHU. Ex-Faculty of Chemistry in Origence where he has helped hundreds of aspiring students to achieve their dreams in Engineering as well as Medical examinations. He has produced many toppers in JEE of Varanasi namely AYUSH DEVA (AIR-269, Year-2015), AKSHAT SINGHAL (AIR-257, Year-2017), DIVYE NAYYAR (AIR-274, Year-2019) and AKASH SINHA (AIR-53, Year-2020) were students of Saurabh Sir. Prior to joining Origence, he has worked in Narayana-Punjabi Baug, Delhi mentoring Engineering and Medical students. He has an overall teaching experience of 10+ years.

Er. Rishu More (CHEMISTRY)


Rishu Sir is arguably the best Chemistry Mentor in Varanasi, He is also a B.Tech graduate from IIT-BHU. Prior to Leadeus, he was working as a Director of Origence where he used to be the back bone of his department. He has helped numerous students to qualify IIT JEE, NEET and KVPY examinations. Being a founder member of Origence he has produced many district toppers like AYUSH DEVA (AIR-269, Year-2015), AKSHAT SINGHAL (AIR-257, Year-2017), DIVYE NAYYAR (AIR-274, Year-2019) and AKASH SINHA (AIR-53, Year-2020). Rishu Sir is a quite popular face among students owing to his dynamic and flamboyant teaching skills and vast expertise in the subject.

Er. Sumit Pandey (MATHEMATICS)


Sumit Sir hold incredible experiences of presumably the best Coaching institutes of India like Allen Career Institute, Ahmedabad, Bothra Classes, Ahmedabad and Momentum Classes, Gorakhpur. During his tenure at these organizations, he has produced many top rankers like 10th,11th, 74th in IIT-JEE to mention a few among many success stories. His way of teaching Mathematics is simply flawless which make students achieve mastery over such a difficult subject with utmost ease. He holds a B.Tech degree from BITS MESRA, Ranchi.

Niraj Kumar Singh (PHYSICS)


Niraj Sir is placed amongst the finest mentor of Physics in the country having a whopping experience of 18+ years. In his such a long career he has worked with premier institutes of India specialized in producing top rankers in IIT-JEE and Medical. He has acquired mastery in producing top rankers while working as HOD physics in organizations like NARAYANAKalusarai, Delhi, NARAYANA-Punjabi Baug, Delhi, VISION CLASSES-Patna. Being a key position holder at these reputed institutes Niraj Sir has produced 2nd, 8th, 11th, 18th & 99th ranks in JEE Advanced, He has also mentored Bhuwanesh Sharma( AIR-19th Gen in NEET 2017) and Mehul Gupta (AIR-26th Gen in AIIMS in 2015).