Target BatchesDetails of our Target Batches

Target Batches for IIT JEE

LEADEUS EDUCATES offers two types of Target Batches for 12th Passed students namely GALILEO BATCH and NEWTON BATCH.
GALILEO is for those students who aims for JEE Advanced while NEWTON is for students aiming for JEE MAIN only. This year, JEE Main will be conducted 4-times annually in February, March, April and May sessions. However, we believe from following year the dates of JEE main may change and is expected to start from January, as observed in previous years. Details of the abovesaid batches are described below.


for 12th Passed Students aspiring for JEE Advanced


1 Year Comprehensive Classroom Program


From 8.30 AM to 2.00 PM


Runs 6 days a week


12th Passed/ Appeared

Course End:

8 to 9 Months from Batch commencement date.


Complete revision for JEE Advanced with additional specially designed study material sufficing the pattern of JEE Advanced starting from April till JEE-ADVANCED.


We at LEADEUS EDUCATES appreciate and boast off all-inclusive performance of the students comprising of Boards/School/NTSE/KVPY and SPARC performances.

We have devised a flexible Scholarship system to benefit as many students who have performed well in any of the exam at any relevant level.

The details of our Scholarship system are explained below:

Total Scholarship awarded to a student is summation of any one criterion from each of the three tables (Tables A, B and C).

Scholarship for GALILEO Batch.


LEADEUS EDUCATES always appreciates the achievements of the selected students and also participates in celebrating the hard-earned goals of the selected students.

To extend our gratitude towards the students who believed in us in their journey for excellence we are prepared with REWARD Program, details of which is given below as